Day 365 of 365


Day 365!

The end of the project!

And here is the surprise…a photo wall I’ve started just 3 days ago (told you it wasn’t really that spectacular ;P) – a photo wall representing mostly things that happened this year and some photos from the last as well…a wall full of moments of happiness, sadness, boredom, creativity and most importantly, memories! 😀

For those who are interested, the wall was 323 cm x 203 cm (made all the measurements by cm so it’ll be easier for me) and I only filled 287cm x 184cm. I used 6×4 photos (the standard ones) arranged in an 18×16 grid with 0.7 cm spacing between each photo. To stick it into the wall, I only used blu-tac (or in my case it was white ;P) since it was better to use compared to tapes or glue or having to purchase a cork board to stick it on. 

Oh and by the way, the whole idea of this photo wall was thanks to a video I saw in youtube posted by a British guy by the name of Jerry (

I guess the only thing I could say right now is thank you – a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone, especially to you who’s reading this. It doesn’t matter who you are, but thanks for at least looking at this project even if it’s the first you saw.

I originally did this project to prove I can do something and actually stick to it…but what happened was way more than I expected – I became more interested in photography, I knew more things and I know I became better as a person, which is always a good thing no doubt about that 🙂

What else to say? I couldn’t really think of any despite having loads of things on my mind this morning – argh! I’m probably just overwhelmed with all the things I have and had to do this day…

**sigh** But the most important thing is Happy New Year to everyone…thanks for sharing this project with me and hope the next year would bring everyone awesomeness! 😀

Can’t believe this year-long project is finished! But before it does, I think it’s time for the last…

…Until then!



Day 364 of 365


Day 364!

No previews today…I think I already gave too much 😛

So first of the two parties left before the new year and it was actually amazing! Enjoyed it and I had fun! A good way to end a good year and to celebrate birthdays of people I know! 🙂

Only 1 more day left for this project. To be honest I’m quite nervous and worried at the same time, purely because I really don’t know where to go next after it since it’s something I did for a year without fail…

I’m actually thinking of not doing any more 365 for a while, or I will, but not really as strict as the rules I had to follow for this project (and yes, I actually made rules that I need to follow). I don’t know, it’s just that 70% of the time (or posts for that matter) I have to take a photo just so I can pass it as “something” which makes the whole project boring. Yeah, I know, I kinda need to be creative and I have to agree, but see, there are times when all you want to do is relax – and it happened to me quite a lot. Kinda reflects my life come to think of it – dull with minute (and mostly random) moments that are actually happy ;P

Until then!

Day 363 of 365


Day 363!

Another preview! 😛

I’m pretty sure many will have already known what I’ll be doing…but I guess, the real surprise is what the outcome of it will be…

Until then!

(Can’t believe it! Only 2 more posts to go!)

Day 362 of 365


Day 362!

You know what – I think I’ve already mentioned all the things I’ve realised/learned/experienced this year. Many of you will agree with me that thinking of things that already happened months ago are hard to remember especially if they aren’t really that important…

I’m pointing at something (and no, I didn’t forget to edit it or what) to serve as a “preview” of some sorts of what I’m planning for the last post…

I’m hoping I could finish it though before that time…

Until then!

Day 361 of 365


Day 361!


That I’m really lazy and bound to procrastinate A LOT! (And proud of it! ;P)

Being lazy right now actually!

How? Well, I couldn’t really be bothered thinking about what I learned this year so I just said what I have always realised myself – that “I can’t be bothered” will always be something that I’ll say at least once a day! 😀

Until then!

Day 360 of 365


Day 360!


11pm – a time that always scared me (and will probably be the case for a while)

The reason for that is because of the fact that when the clock hits 11 and I still haven’t posted here yet, I go into panic mode (and even if I did post something, there’s this tiny feeling in me saying whether I did or not…) – a product of my procrastination as per usual 😀

Until then!

Day 359 of 365


Day 359!


Learned a lot (not just academically!)…and I know I still need to learn A LOT MORE!

It feels weird that another Christmas is about to finish and another 365 days (Not sure if it’s still 365 though – I can’t be bothered looking up if there’s a leap year or something like that that messes the amount of days in a year) before the next one.

On top of that, there’s another 6 days more before this project finishes…thinking of doing a grand ending – so try to watch out for that (that is if you have time amidst your new year preparations as well :D)

Until then!